Dr. Sreemanta Banerjee Memorial Oration

Year Name of the Orator Subject
1983 Dr. Norman Morris Normal Labour
1984 Dr. A.C. Turnbull Obstetric Trends in Oxford
1985-86 Dr. Tapas Kr. Dasgupta Biological Significance of Hormones Receptors in now gynaecological Tumours
1987 Dr. Amiya Kr. Bose Urological Problems in Gynaecological practice
1988-89 Dr. Naren Patel Small Baby of Tests of Foetal well being
1990 Dr. B. N. Chakravorty Male Infertility
1991 Dr. Arati Roy Influence of Medical education Obst care in community of India
1992 Dr. Narayan Choudhury Reproductive Neuroendocrinology- An update
1993 Dr. L. N. Bose Investigation of Secondary Amenorric women by the method of eliminational-My experience.
1994 Dr. Purnima Chatterjee Recurrent Pregnancy Wastage
1995 Dr. M. N. Parikh Polycystic ovarian Syndrome
1996 Dr. Sirish Seth Operative Hysteroscope
1997 Dr. Conor Carr Audit in Obstetrics
1998 Prof. Rakesh Tandon Jaundice in Pregnancy
1999 Dr. Shobha Chakraborty Eclampsia in Indian women
2000 Dr. Gita Ganguli Mukherjee An overview of ethical Issues
2001 Dr. (Mrs) Urmila Khanna A Glimpse of Breast Tumour
2002 Prof. T. A. Chowdhury Women’s Health in the New Millennium
2003 Dr. Aloke Debdas Fast and Eight parameter Test for fetal well-being
2004 Prof. Berthhold V. Koletzko Maternal intake of Polyunsaturated fatty acids during pregnancy and lactalioin and impact on infant development
2005 Prof. Ratna Sanyal Adolescent Problems in Femals – Contemporary Issues
2006 Prof. Pranati Sinha Emergency Obstetric Care
2007 Dr. Arati Basu Sengupta Tackling Growing Violence Against Women: Issues and Strategies
2008 Prof. Alakendu Ghosh Connective tissue disorder in pregnancy
2009 Prof. Bibhuti Saha HIV in Pregnancy – Issues and Controversies
2010 Prof. Howard Cuckle Prenatal Screening- Past, Present & Future