Dr. Chunilal Mukherjee Memorial Oration

Year Name of the Orator Subject
1988 Dr. Arun Kumar Mitra Problems of Ovulation & Anolulation
1989 Dr. Debatrata Moulik Doppler Ultrasound
1990 Dr. Saroj Kanti Bhatta charyya Steroidal Contraception – its Present Practice
1991 Dr. Anwara Khatun Dysgerminoma of Ovary
1992 Dr. P. K. Khan Colposcopy & Laser in Cervical Pathology
1993 Dr. Gouripada Dutta Problems of Research in Developing Countries
1994 Dr. J. J. Billings Scientific Basis of Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning
1995 Prof. Dr. Renzo Defection of Foetal Asphyxia
1996 Dr. Ajoy Kr. Ghosh What is New in Obstetrics & Gynae
1997 Prof. Rasid Latif Khan Reproductive Health-South East-Asia Perspective
1998 Prof. Sukumar Mitra Obstetrics in the Next Century
1999 Prof. Stuart Campbel Compromise in Fetal Growth Pattern --- Role of Colour Doppler in Diagnosis & Management
2000 Dr. Apurba Ghosh Surfactant Therapy in the Newborn
2001 Dr. Santi Dutta Fertility Control Need of the Hour
2002 Prof. Janes Urbancsek Modern Techniques of Ovarian Stimulation for Assisted reproduction
2003 Prof. Suneeta Mittal Decade of Research on Emergency Contraception
2004 Dr. Anila Dutta Gupta Early Pregnancy loss due to incompetant cervix
2005-06 Prof. N. K. Ganguly India’s reproductive health needs: Challenges ahead
2006 Dr. C. N. Purandare Hysterectomy – an introspection
2007 Prof. Debasish Maji Turner’s Syndrome – in different stages of life
2008 Prof. Dilip Karmakar Urological problems in the practical field of gynaecology
2009 Prof. Parthasarathi
Mullerian Developmental Anomalies
2010 Dr. Tapan Kr. Lahiri Reproductive Tract Infection in Gynaecology: An