Asking yourself how you could be more involved in BOGS?

Let us guide you

  • Pay subscription fees regularly
  • Encourage your colleagues to be members of the society
  • Attend BOGS academic (CMEs, workshops, conferences etc.) or non-academic events (Cultural/Walks etc.)
  • Support Industry Partners with BOGS (Annual Sponsors)
  • Increase the goodwill of the society among the fraternity
  • Carry feedback to the Managing Committee on the perception of the society among your peers

Want to do more?

  • Ask to be added to a sub-committee of the society
  • Get involved as an organizer of society events
  • Get involved as a faculty member in scientific events being conducted in the city or outside the city
  • Get involved as a faculty in public awareness events at schools/ colleges/ corporates
  • If willing to contribute time and effortto the society activities to consider standingfor posts in the Managing Committee and eventually as office bearers