Seniors & Teachers, Dear colleagues and Loving juniors,
Heartiest and warm greetings from team BOGS

At the onset I must express my gratitude for entrusting me as the President of this prestigious society, BOGS.

I really feel fortunate to be blessed by a wonderful dynamic team.

Welcoming you to the Website of BOGS which stands as a mirror reflecting its activities throughout the year, which is taken care by our excellent Bulletin and website sub committee

BOGS was established in pre Independence era in 1936 as one of the founder society of FOGSI in Calcutta Medical Club, 91B, C.R.Avenue, Kol-73. Founder president was Dr S K Lahiri & Secretaries were Dr M N Sarkar and Dr A K Acharya. Only 42 Founder members were present. Societies were also formed in Madras and Bombay in the same year. Five AICOGs were organised under the leadership of those three existing societies till 1950.BOGS was the leading society in all India. FOGSI grew with about 39000 members spreading over 266 cities in India. BOGS also started growing from toddler to the present form lead by renowned Past Presidents and galaxy of eminent leaders

On 30th. November 2001 our BOGS building's Foundation stone was laid by our respected
Past President Dr. Shova Ghosh. On 1st. May 2002 Inauguration of our BOGS BUILDING ' Pratishruti ' at Salt Lake was done by Dr. Tarun Banerjee.With the blessings of the seniors and your sincere efforts, now our society member strength is around 1500.

Aim of BOGS

  • We organise various academic CMEs ,Orations, Conferences,
  • Philanthropic activities like health camps, blood donation,public awareness programs, helping the poor and underprivileged women and children,planting trees in the locality, etc.
  • We voice out for social cause that is beneficial for mother and children

We have our bulletin BOGS Times that is released three times in a year.Our broadcast groups are regularly updated with upcoming programs.

Our Theme this academic year (2023-24) is “We for She”

This year we are planning to introduce

  • Dr Kalyani Mukherjee Memorial Oration
  • Dr Mahamaya Sarkar Memorial Oration
  • Dr Baidyanath Chakraborty Memorial Lecture

Our other new plans this year are

  • Introduction of Trustee board for finance
  • Public Awareness programs in Sundarbans
  • BOGS Youth Council (YC) 2023-24
  • With the Rotary International. Must thank PP Dr Krishnendu Gupta for the initiative
  • Stress relieving sessions with learning of yoga, meditation and lifestyle modifications.
  • Introduction of badges for the entire MC members.
  • BOGS family trip

We as a dedicated team will try hard to pursue our goal though we know that“perfection is not attainable but if we pursue perfection we reach excellence”

Needy our blessings for our journey and success.Long live FOGSI & BOGS. .Jai Hind