About BOGS

The Bengal Obstetric & Gynaecological Society is one of the founder societies of our national body FOGSI. Established in 1936 by the then stalwarts of Obstetrics & Gynaecology namely Dr. J. Chakraborty, Dr. M.N. Sarkar, Dr. Subodh Mitra, Dr. Baman Das Mukherjee, Dr. P.C. Das and many others. Presently we have around 1186 members including the life members. Our academic as well as philanthropic organization dealing with the sufferings and others health causes of the fair sex, which comprises almost 50% of our population. But 70% of our mortality and morbidity are due to child bearing and others Gynaecological ailments.

Being one of the biggest organizations we have extended our hands to the Govt. of West Bengal Dept. of Health and Family Welfare in improving health care system. Our members are always ready to help the society in the field of maternal and child health care.