Sir Kedernath Das Memorial Oration


Name of the Orator Subject
1957 Sir A. L. Mudaliar Obstetric Forceps
1958 Dr. Miss H. M. Lazarus Urinary Fistulae in Women
1959 Dr. Miss J. Jhirad Interdependence of Obst. & Gynae
1960 Dr. Subodh Mitra The Cancer Problem with special reference to Cancer Cervix
1961 Dr. V. N. Shirodhar My Experience in Tuboplasty
1962 Sir John Peel Caesarean Section
1963 Dr. M. M. Sarkar Sri Kedernath’s influence of Obst & Gynae teaching and practice during his days
1964 Dr. M. K. Menoh Observations on Anaemia in Pregnancy
1965 Dr. J. Chassar Moir The Challenge of Cesicovaginal Fistula
1966 Dr. K. M. Masani Psychosomatic disorders in Gynae
1967 Dr. P. M. Naidu Certain Aspects of Inter Sexuality
1968 Dr. C. L. Mukherjee Fibroid Uterus-Gynae Aspect
1969 Dr. P. C. Das History of Evolution
1970 Dr. S. N. Upadhyay Anaemia in pregnancy
1971 Dr. B. N. Purandare Place of Vaginal Surgery in Gynaecology
1972 Not Held
1973 Dr. P. K. Devi Endocrinology of Parturition & Arrest of Premature Labour
1974 Dr. S. R. Dasgupta Immunological aspect of aetiology of Toxaemia of Pregnancy
1975 Sir Hector Machennan ----
1976 Dr. C. L. Javeri Intertility
1977 Dr. A. D. Engineer Reflections on Obst. Practice & Education
1978 Dr. G. P. Talawar Current and Emergency application of Immunology
1979 Dr. F. S. Philips Study of HPL in High Risk Pregnancy
1980 Dr. Badri Saxena ----
1981 Dr. Kalyan Bagchi Demographic Studies in Nutrition in Developing Countries
1982 Dr. Stuart Campbell Ultrasound Scanning of Antenatal Mothers as a diagnostic aid
1983 Dr. Tarun Banerjee Obstetrics-then and now
1984 Dr. J. K. Chatterjee Obstetric & Gynaecology as it was in the days of Sir K. das and as it is to day
1985 Dr. Kamala Achari Pregnancy in the prevention of Avoidable factors in Perinatal death.
1986 Dr. Amal Chatterjee Active Management of Labour
1987 Dr. C. S. Dawn Current development in Clinical Practice in Obstetric & Gynaecology in India.
1988 Dr. Norman Morris I.V.F. & E. T. – present position
1989 Dr. R. V. Bhatt Climetric Problems & Solutions
1990 Dr. Amiya Kr. Mukherjee A Pilgrimage to prolonged pregnancy
1991 Dr. P. C. Sengupta Ovarian Cancer
1992 Dr. B. Paliniappan Antenatal foetal Surveillance
1993 Dr. Usha Krishna The need for safe methods for termination of Pregnancy in developing countries
1994 Dr. Jagadishwari Misra Diseases of Breast
1995 Dr. Kamal Buckshee Recent Trends in Foetal Diagnosis & Therapy
1996 Dr. Vasant B. Patwardhan Obstetric Forces-A tribute to Sir Kedar Nath Das
1997 Dr. A. Padma Rao Some Glimpses into the history of Obstetrics
1998 Dr. R. D. Pandit Reproductive Health Care for Women
1999 Dr. O. K. Tank Hypertensive Disorder in Pregnancy- Current status
2000 Dr. Anil Kr. Misra A Treatise of Travails
2001 Dr. Sunil Adhya Convulsive Disorders & Management
2002 Dr. Prof. Thomas Rate Frontiers on Gynaecological Endocrinology
2003 Dr. Anjan Kr. Giri Assisted Vaginal Forceps Delivery- Safe in experienced hands.
2004 Dr. Kalidas Bakshi C ancer Cervix-An update in prevention & Management.
2005 Dr. Asok Mondal Conventional Surgeries-made easier
2006 Dr. P. K. Shah Colour Doppler in Fetal Surveillance
2007 Dr. Atul Munshi Instrumental Vaginal Delivery – A Revolution
2008 Dr. Tarun Kumar Ghosh Place of destructive operations in modern obstetrics
2009 Prof. Ajit Ranjan Maternal Mortality – Thinking Aloud
2010 Dr. V.P. Paily Obstetric forceps- Potential modifications to suit current Obstetric practice